Heavy Subject or Lightweight Movie


The Heavy- The Movie

Of course we all know “The Heavy”, yes? No?

“Okay, then”

No not the UK group which did the song How Do You Like Me Now? Yes, the one featured in TV series and the KIA commercial. The Heavy is a movie, which features, of all people, Christopher Lee, (and no he did not bite anyone by the neck.) Back to our story–

The movie stars Gary Stretch and Vinnie Jones. While they may not be household names here in the USA, Gary Stretch was a lefty and won the light middleweight championship in Britain. Vinnie Jones on the other hand won fame on the pitch at Wimbledon where helped them to the FA Cup title over Liverpool and Jones captained the Welsh National Team. A tough guy on the pitch Jones moved from world football to pictures 1998 in Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

Christopher, Vinnie nor Gary’s personal lives are not the point of this article. The movie was panned by everyone I read. Horrible, terrible, and other common words were used. If one is going to bash something from their lofty perch, shouldn’t they use more eloquent words? On the surface the movie had no glaring edit holes, nor was the cinema that bad. Released in 2010, the movie did not seem a remake of any other genre. That may have been part of its problem for the reviewers, there was no easy to follow format.

The plot contained twists and turns, but, I figured it out about two thirds in. (That’s a credit because I’m usually better than that.) No tv blurb could do this film justice, as it’s about people, family and relationships. That may be the problem. The movie runs along a course much as underground stream, knowing it’s there and being able to see it are two different things. Emotions and history make up much of our lives, our subconscious drives most of us more than we realize. We act in ways which on the surface might seem odd to a stranger. Trying to capture that on film could be the shortfall of the film. Reaching for something does not always make it happen.

Rather than ruin the film, I suggest if one enjoys studying the human condition and the sometimes automatic responses we have in life “The Heavy” might be worth investing the time. The sound track was compiled by Paul Oakenfold, but, I cannot find a cut from the movie on any youtube vids.

No, the movie is not Macbeth, nor, should it be considered an attempt at such. But, art like music speaks to different people. Not many like the constant beat of the techno genre, I, personally, find it hypnotic, which is probably why a sub-sect of the genre is called Trance. Open minds are a great thing, if we have the capacity to open and close at will and understand the state of our present condition of the off/on switch. Viewing art and listening to music sometimes require that kind of awareness to benefit fully. The Trailer




It’s all about Radio. All Grown Up Radio mixes music from several genres.   Pop- Rock- Country- & Blues from old to new. Blending songs from the 50’s-60’s-70’s-80’s-90’s-00’s and modern hits. It’s all about music that makes you go from “yep,” to “wow.”

Welcome aboard.


American as Pie


The Day the Music Died

Having lived through the rebellious years, Rock and Roll may mean more to me than those who missed the 50’s & early 60’s. Life in the United States began changing by the mid 60’s. We were locked in a Cold War with the Soviet Union and Vietnam became a war which starting taking young men from an idyllic life to the harsh reality of war and death.

It is this period in my life which brought a profound change in how I viewed the world. Music and life was much different that Christmas eve when I landed back in San Francisco. No longer was life as simple as hanging out with the guys, drinking beer and listening to rock and roll. Drugs became a part of every party and while “I” refused drugs, it did not stop the evolution from simplicity and naivete to anti-Americanism with it’s ugly edge. [Read more…]


Welcome to Our New World


Hi, welcome to radio 66+,

Thanks for taking the time to look us up.

This radio station is the vision of my husband who has worked in radio at various times in his life.

Now retired and after 5 plus years of devoting a lot of time and energy into caring for his elderly Mum, who, sadly died this August, he had time on his hands. The dream he had put on hold could now be pursued.

Lots of research had to be done on how to set up an online station. The surprising thing was that cost wise it isn’t a huge expense to get started, just a few basic items like a good quality microphone and headphones and a mixer and a computer of course, which we already had. Compared to years gone by these items are very reasonably priced and can be obtained cheaply online.

Now, when it come to time, that is a whole different matter. He has spent weeks and weeks and weeks setting this up. Compiling a music library, working out how to use the broadcasting software, programming the station, cutting voice tracks, making jingles etc etc. I even get involved in that part, it is great fun.

Many a night he has woken up around 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep for thinking about ways to improve the station so he gets up and starts work and carries on all day into the early evening. He does stop to eat although has skipped a few miles during the process.

We were lucky to have a room available that was away from the main area of the house so it would be quiet for recording and setting it up as his studio involved a lot of work and that’s where I came in. I am happy to do the re-organizing. I had been using it as a sewing room so all my stuff had to come out. It already had a built in work surface/desk which was perfect for his computer, mike and mixer and sound system. Of course, that meant I had to find a place for my stuff so more moving around of things but eventually we got it all sorted out.

His music library consists of a wide spectrum of music to account for all tastes. It has modern day hits, oldies, pop, rock, country and blues. It has songs from the US, Canada and Europe so our friends and family should find something they enjoy.

It is still very much a work in progress so tune in and give us a try but if the first song you hear isn’t to your liking just hang about a bit, we have music for everyone. It’s worth hanging on to listen to our jingles and promos!

We are trying news on the hour too.

We have no idea where this will lead us, whether it will just end up being a station for our own enjoyment or whether our friends and family will end up listening in regularly or whether we will attract a bigger audience. Time will tell. Please tell your friends and families if you enjoy listening. There are links to it on this website. Four different links, one for each type of player. Click on your music player and it will down load a link for it. (Example- iTunes player)

It has been a very intense but enjoyable project and we will carry on working to improve it, expanding the library and making voicetracks and jingles.

Thanks for listening!