Milk & Sugar Viral Video


Milk & Sugar Viral Video

Sitting here waiting for the DSL to get sorted. CenturyLink has some problems. But, then if a constant stream of complaints, which come up when searching CenturyLink DSL is any measure, it’s nothing new.

A neighbor said, when it rains they lose phone service. We’ve not had that, but since switching from Wild Blue to an extended DSL service with CenturyLink we’ve had periods when the internet cuts in and out like a 49 Ford about to run out of gas. For those who’ve never run out of gas in an old car, they gas warning with spitting and sputtering before stopping.

Yesterday, I tweeted concerning the addictive nature of this video. Heather and I watched it a dozen or so times before we could walk away. Creative hooks are a terrible thing. Milk & Sugar obviously know a thing or two about “good hooks.” This video and it’s repeatitive clips and audio makes the brain go.

“uummm, more, more, more.”

Hope you an hour or two to just chill while your brain runs like a rat through a maze say, “nah, neh, nah.”

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