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In case you are not familiar with download links, here is the procedure for most desktop computers.  Clink on the Artist/Song Title/ the Artist/Song/Title will darken and your download will begin.  There should be no more than a few seconds of downloading as the file is a stream link.  stream.m3u.   When you check the download it should say stream.m3u.  You can pull the link onto your desktop and it will be there for later.  Or you can double click on the link to open a player on your desktop. (Should the download not work on your player, you can email me for a different type of link.) For phone, I suggest TuneIn Radio. Radio66+TuneInMobile2 TuneIn can also be used on your desktop or tablet. For players the options vary: I have used: iTunes, Real Player, Winamp, and Windows Media Player.  OggVorbis can be difficult on most players.  Foobar2000 is and excellent barebones player for all the streams.  Or, you can use the player on the website.  The latest player quit.  So, I had to return to the previous player which only plays Mp3s.  The current site player stream is 128k mp3.  You will a find link a for  96k OggVorbis considered to be one of the best quality streams available. Other inks posted under the sidebar– Radio66+ are  64k AAC+, 96k OggVorbis & 160kOggVorbis.

TuneIn only carries the 128k mp3 and the 64k AAC+

Again email me for any link.