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Coding, CSS, and Crisis

Long ago and far away, before people decided to build website and sell them, I learned enough HTML to construct a few websites. Then came Cascading Style Sheets- voila, I was again the proverbial “babe in the woods.”

No, not that kind of “babe.” We’re talking real humiliation here. What a teenager could do in their sleep, I struggled to comprehend with a guidebook in hand. Finally, they won. They separated me from my cash and I had a new website. For a time I was happy. Along the way, someone hacked my website. Which pushed me to find another home for my site. Then, when I did not get any relief from the theme builder on the hacking issue, I jumped ship. [Read more…]


WordPress Backup Breakdown Blues

WordPress Backup Breakdown Blues


Updating 1-27-2015

Since I had updated two other blogs with the latest from WordPress and StudioPress, I foolishly pushed the update button before I backed up. Having neglected the blog for some time, I had not set it to back up on a daily basis. Can you say,


Yes, big mistake on my part.

I apologize for the mistake and resultant messy website. Today, I must be away. Tomorrow, I hope to get everything back on track.

The music player on the site still works. So, if you’re a listener on the site, things should be normal.