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I just made that last word up. But, it might be a cute phrase for the impression Miley Cyrus left on much of the USA in her exhibition with Robin Thicke on the VMA show. I ask,

“Do we really need to comment on that event?”

While I did not see the event, I did see photo stills of interaction between Thicke and Cyrus. One word,


I must refrain from explaining the full weight of my term, but, can I put it delicately by saying,

“that’s not what I’m looking for in a lifetime mate?” [Read more…]


Retro Video, I think


Throwback Video Freemasons

Stumbled across this video yesterday, reminds me of days of old in the video world. Does the song and vid remind you of anyone or song?


How about Robert Palmer?

That little bombshell- Addicted to Love which we couldn’t get enough of?

Sophie Ellis Bextor has another video which parrots the little girl dressing up scenario long overdone, but, it might be worth a watch– Get Over You.

There’s something cute and naïve about the old days of video. Both songs seem to fit into early 2000’s girl music category. I prefer the Freemason’s remix of Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer.) If you are an English House/Dance fan check them out.


An Era We Refuse to Love

Robin GibbTribute

Bee Gees Lose Another

The Brothers, Gibb, Maurice, Robin and Barry, hit it big with the launch of Saturday Night Fever and the song they are most remembered for “Stayin Alive in 1977. It may have been John Travolta who brought international fame to the brothers, but, long before Disco, they were international recording stars.

I Started A Joke” only reached #6 in the U.S.(1969), but, may be Robin Gibb most powerful falsetto vocalization. The track was not released in their homeland U.K., but did hit #1 in Canada, and New Zealand also in their adopted home Australia. Lonely Days, a 1970 #3 U.S. hit from the album 2 Years On, only went to #33 in the UK and but #1 in Canada. Their harmonies from that era put them more in the sophisticated period of the Beatles.

No one from Disco and since seem to admit they liked Disco. Just like the Euro sound of Modern Talking and others, music passes through phases which we loved, but, soon discarded. When reviewing the harmony and sound of the some of the “Best of Show”, we should admit there was some entertainment value and a few good memories along the way.

With the passing of Robin Gibb, (preceded by Maurice) 2/3rds of a legendary sound has gone forever. In honor of Robin and the talent of the three boys from the Isle of Man, I added “Lonely Days” to the 66+ playlist. Hope you enjoy.


Hound Dog Songwriter Dead


Jerry Lieber, Man Behind Elvis Hits, Dead

One should look beyond Elvis to find the real depth of Jerry Lieber’s partnership with Mike Stoller. The duo penned rock and roll hits we still play today on oldies stations. One probably overlooked by many when reporting on Jerry Lieber would be Kansas City, the Wilbert Harrison recorded #1 hit in 1959. Lieber & Stoller hits were recorded by Ben E. King, The Drifters, The Coasters, and Peggy Lee (Is That All There Is-1969) and Steeler’s Wheel- Stuck in the Middle With You.  Classics rock groups such as the Dixie Cups and Shangr—Las for Lieber & Stoller’s Red Bird Records.

The era has passed and so has the man, but, his songs, I suspect will live for decades longer.