Iris DeMent


Iris DeMent started life in Paragould, Arkansas in 1961.  Being one of fourteen children, she went from the gospel music fortress of the Arkansas Delta to the depths of the Left Coast in Orange County, California.  The voice is haunting, yet sweet. The songs sometimes remind me of small town America, others of memories strewn through my life. In addition to Gospel music, Iris DeMent has written and recorded slice of life lyrics that may shock some and amuse others. [Read more…]


Daytona – BURRRR – Racing



Daytona “Burrrr” Racing

Every year people pour into the beach town of Daytona Beach Florida. No, it’s not Spring Break, but, Daytona Speed Weeks. Fans expect to get a break from the Wintery North, but, not this year. Fifty degrees as practice started today. For tonight’s Sprint race, temperatures should be in the 40’s. Am I confused or is there something wrong with the Global Warming scenario? [Read more…]