Daytona – BURRRR – Racing


Daytona “Burrrr” Racing

Every year people pour into the beach town of Daytona Beach Florida. No, it’s not Spring Break, but, Daytona Speed Weeks. Fans expect to get a break from the Wintery North, but, not this year. Fifty degrees as practice started today. For tonight’s Sprint race, temperatures should be in the 40’s. Am I confused or is there something wrong with the Global Warming scenario?

The Sprint race practices yesterday offered no spectacular crashes or juicy conflict headlines. This morning’s Daytona 500 practice managed to go the entire session without an incident.

This afternoon offered the drivers one more chance to tear up some good race cars before the wreckfest starts. But, they all stayed shiny new, except for Truex and Newman’s engine woes.

Yes, I am expecting tonight’s Sprint race to be filled with crashes. With only 25 cars starting two big wrecks could leave less than 10 cars at the finish. The new qualifying scenario for the ‘500’ offers another opportunity for cars to end up on the wrecker or the roll-back.

Stumbled across a couple of oldies worth noting:

The Dixie Belles – Down at Papa Joes

Carl Perkins – Dixie Fried

The Perkins cut is pure Rockabilly, while the Dixie Belles are precursors of the 60’s girl groups.