CSS & Websites

Coding, CSS, and Crisis

Long ago and far away, before people decided to build website and sell them, I learned enough HTML to construct a few websites. Then came Cascading Style Sheets- voila, I was again the proverbial “babe in the woods.”

No, not that kind of “babe.” We’re talking real humiliation here. What a teenager could do in their sleep, I struggled to comprehend with a guidebook in hand. Finally, they won. They separated me from my cash and I had a new website. For a time I was happy. Along the way, someone hacked my website. Which pushed me to find another home for my site. Then, when I did not get any relief from the theme builder on the hacking issue, I jumped ship.

About that time, I started Radio66+. The time had arrived for a new site and a new theme. Off I went in search of the people who wanted my money. For a year I was happy. But, then came renewal. The concept of payments never feels good. I’m a buy-it-now guy who likes to never have to pay again.

Just as I signed up for a new theme supplier, HTML5 came along. When those words appeared in connection with themes, I felt like I was arriving back home. Little did I know that just like the Flash 3 of days-gone-by, HTML had become a coders dream. Two years later, I’ve struggled to integrate CSS and HTML5 in an effort to slightly modify my site. Yes, there are snippets out there which help.

Goldilocks, I am — NOT!

Yes, there are many theme to choose from, but, I’m like “Goldilocks.” I said, like as in similar, you’re drifting in the dirty old man thing again. The only similarity the mythical “Goldilocks” and I share is the desire for “just right.”

So, periodically, I tinker with my theme. But, just like “Goldilocks,” I just can not seem to find the right fit. The Header should be there, the Post over here, etc. So, on I struggle.

For those who listen to the station on the site,

“I apologize.”

While we are on the subject. If one wants to listen to the Ogg Vorbis stream, I pushed it up to 96k. No one listens to the AAC+ 48k, therefore it seemed silly to have the Ogg down there too. Both WinAmp and iTunes have add-ins which should allow a person to listen. But, it only works for a short time then, no more. Apple’s Quicktime Player appears to be the only reliable source for the Ogg Vorbis stream. You might give it a try.

In the meantime I hope to soon be finished trying to create the perfect host for Radio66+.