Escaping Dullness, Yes?

If you sat through the Super Bowl Sunday night you probably need some sunshine. Including, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, New York and New Jersey & the Eastern part of Pennsylvania almost one third of the USA may have pulled for the New England Patriots.  Of course, I am adding those states which are in New England in the head count. For the rest of the masses who sat through the game it might very well be a dull day.  Do not be too disheartened. Punxsutawney Phil was out early enough to notice he had no shadow. Probably, suffering from frost bite and freezer burn, the ground-hog probably welcomed the comfort of his borrow after being forced to endure the embarrassing fiasco immortalized in a movie.

Since I wasn’t one of those millions who filled my belly with fast food, alcohol or veggies (if you’re the worrying kind,) I have no reason to be bummed.  Except, for the snow on the ground yesterday morning with 13 degree sunrise.  Plus the prediction snow again on tomorrow, it looks like I’ll be in the burrow with Ol’ Phil for a few more weeks.  But, wait, – 

only a few more days.  Yes days, until things brighten up in the world.

Speed Weeks at Daytona Beach Florida will soon be upon us.  All those people piling into Florida for the crowds, the noise, the long-term grilling.  No there won’t be 3-4 billion people watching the Daytona 500, i.e. World Cup.  But, there weren’t that many watching the Super Bowl either.  For me it’s the beginning of racing season.  Other than, European soccer, nothing else continuously fills my week ends. While the round type football and racing season overlap, not enough for me to miss any action.  With today’s DVRs one should never miss anything televised.

No, I wasn’t at the Super Bowl, nor was I at the SEC champion, nor the ginned up excuse for a NCAA national championship, but I was at Game 7 of the World Series.  That was just about enough stress for me.  Thanks to medication, my heart rate does return to normal soon after I’ve relieved the stress.  Hopefully, this year’s Daytona 500 will be a repeat of the last one.  And, yes, I am an #88 fan.

Why, I did not watch the Super Bow

“No dog in that hunt,” as the saying goes.

Neither team falls into likeable for me.  My evaluation of the adverse reaction to either team might be classified as, “Old School.”  Some might say, four championships qualifies New England for acceptance into anyone’s favorites categories. Here are some examples of “Old School” teams:  The Packers w/Bart Starr and then again with Brett Favre; Johnny Unitas & Baltimore Colts; Pittsburgh Steelers w/Terry Bradshaw.  Those are three examples against which I measure all football teams.  Fair or not, in my opinion neither of the competitors in yesterday’s game reach the bar.

The same might be said for racing.  Put Buddy Baker, Bobby Allison, Cale Yarborough, Sr., The King, Benny Parson, Dick Trickle, David Pearson, Harry Gant, Ned Jarrett along with some left out to shortened the list legendary figures.  You may find some more modern drivers left out.  The names mentioned in my list were men who raced when I was involved in the business end of racing as an announcer.  A few I’ve met, some who did not make the list, but, put on a great show on the high banked asphalt track where I worked.  The stars back then lived a different lifestyle than the recent crop of “will be” legends.  They had to win sometimes just to have the money for a trip back home.

Here I sit, waiting for the magic of a Spring morning on the porch, sun shinning through the screen wire, fresh air blowing the scent of rain past me. Until then, I will be waiting for the sound of 700 horsepower to jolt me out of the doldrums of Winter.