‘Mobility, it is, Luke’

Mobile + Stand Alone = The Future?

DishTv Adds Mobility w/Sling

DishTV’s  announced the start up Sling TV for $20.  A big selling point is the addition of ESPN & mobility.
Mobile, silly, and it’s the Millennials.  Time after time I hear them (the Millennials) say, they do not own TVs.
The missing segment from TV ratings? Males 18-24.
They are on the PC.  Or, for those who watch such events, Sports Bars provide them with the opportunity to see their teams in action on a big screen, which most cannot afford. Now with the blooming “standalone” industry, that segment will be able to hit ESPN 24/4 on their mobile devices for the latest.
HBO, a big time draw for in-home, has joined the standalone parade. Cinemax, an HBO company, already features a lot of extra content on Max-Go. The rebranded Sci-Fi channel (SyFy) has extra content for mobile. I am may wrong, but, I believe many of the Premium (movie) channels have the extra content feature geared toward mobile.CinemaxGoSpeaking of content. Sci-Fi now called the SyFy (stupid moniker i-m-o) just ran a promo for all the new series. Along with Helix, they’ve added 12 Monkeys as a series. Yes, it’s the old 1995 Bruce Willis/Brad Pitt movie made into a series. I’ve forgotten the other new offerings, but, it looks like action/adventure paradise.

Mobility Overwhelms the Rest?

Mobile is coming. Again, in my opinion, the drivers are the providers themselves. Verizon and AT&T have everything to gain from a legion of Millennials using their mobile devices to view more and more content. The two questions I have are:

  1. “Can the Millennials afford it?”

  2. “Who has the bandwidth?”

There will always be those who say, ‘we can find it.’ Agreed productivity has never faltered because we could not find bandwidth. But, everything has a limit. The cost of moving from the current infrastructure to a new system will be astronomical. Hint- the population base of people who can afford expensive mobile is not exploding as fast as the segment who need inexpensive food.

Last question

“Who wins the war between food and mobile?”