Today’s World Robin – Marvin – Miley


Copyright – Copycat – Copulet

I just made that last word up. But, it might be a cute phrase for the impression Miley Cyrus left on much of the USA in her exhibition with Robin Thicke on the VMA show. I ask,

“Do we really need to comment on that event?”

While I did not see the event, I did see photo stills of interaction between Thicke and Cyrus. One word,


I must refrain from explaining the full weight of my term, but, can I put it delicately by saying,

“that’s not what I’m looking for in a lifetime mate?”

Now let’s get to the real business at hand- Copyright.

You may be aware the family of the late Marvin Gaye have sued song writer/singer Robin Thicke for his latest song “Blurred Lines.”


Prior Admission Count?

 Robin Thicke was quoted as saying, he liked the song “Got to Give It Up” and wanted to do something like that. That phrase is hearsay, as far I am concerned. Primarily, because I wasn’t in the room, I have no knowledge of the factual basis of the statement. (If more people were to consider first hand knowledge as a basis for what’s called news reporting, we might be living in a different world.) So, did Robin Thick and his co-writers Pharrell Williams and Clifford Harris Jr., commit piracy or are they guilty of copycatting? One could argue that Ms. Cyrus was guilty of copycatting “sexy.” (Based on the photo stills, she’s not guilty of succeeding. I have heard comparisons of the opening notes. Sounds like a “maybe” to me, but, I’m no expert. I must admit upfront I like Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” I had not heard anything of Thicke’s prior. I admit, Marvin Gaye was never a big favorite of mine. But, for the record, Marvin Gaye did positively impact the music world while he was alive. Oddly, the song that lives on in the radio world of oldies is “Sexual Healing,” not the title being contested- “Got to Give It Up.” Regardless of my impression of Gaye, the discussion revolves around Thicke, Pharrel & Harris’s possible copyright infringement.

Com’on – Give It Up

The video and song “Blurred Lines” may not make multi-millions for the writers, but, it will move the writers and performers forward based on the whirlwind surrounding the copyright, racy video, and Video awards dance by Ms. Cyrus. B-T-W there are two versions of the video. The official one features mostly dressed females prancing across the set. The racy version features the nude look with, I assume, the same females. Both the music and the video are catchy. Featured on this post is the official version. In my opinion, money should change hands. Maybe not as a copyright suit, but, for certain, as a tribute to the original song. Should it go to the heirs or a charity?’

What do you think?