TuneWiki and FutureThink

Mobile Wiki Shout

Android offers an app TuneWiki, which works great for mobile listening of your favorite Shoutcast stations.

When I first launched my internet streams, I was told mobile reception was limited. And, it might have been at that time. But, like much in technology, it didn’t last. TuneWiki is available for Android, and the Apple gadgets. Even Blackberry can download TuneWiki.

This morning whilst sitting on the porch, I dialed in Radio66+ on my favorites and listened for a bit. When I take the laptop out to the porch I can send it through an amp/speaker set up, which gives me great stereo. Today, I was sitting out there to enjoy the rain showers and cool weather.

When Jimmy Buffet came up, it had his pic and a message, indicating Mr. Buffet did not want the lyrics shown. Hummm. Why? How many people do not know the words to Margaritaville? More important question for me is, who cares? Any browser will give me the lyrics from dozens of sources. I doubt that Mr. Buffet is that ignorant. His music coveys a carefree attitude which millions have come to love. That expression comes, in my opinion, from a deep insight into human nature. In another words,

“we are all beach bums at heart.”

What’s All Mean?

Why do people who recorded songs sooo long ago, which become part of the nation’s culture believe they have some intellectual lock on the outgrowth? Wait. Before you reach for that stone, hear me out. Cultural pieces be they art, music, photography which become almost a symbol for the culture reach a different status than say, Chris Ledoux’s “Tougher Than the Rest.” Not to take anything away from Mr. Ledoux or the song, I like both of them, but, they are not American cultural pieces. Nor, is The Beatles “Michelle.” That belongs to England. Get my drift.

With the patent fights involving Linux, Android, and Google, we begin to get a glimpse of the true nature of restriction. What’s not to love about Android- it’s free. Unless, you are Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle or a few other lesser players. Not one of those companies created Linux. Their ability to acquire patents does technically give them the right. But, is it really their work.

Cheeseburger Guy

Back to Buffet. Jimmy Buffet deserves his due and recompense. But, why get all up in a wrinkle over the lyrics of a song? Or, in my opinion the use of a song in a not for profit situation. Unless, it’s political, then I can see the complaint.

While Buffet, and, the rest may own the rights to things past, the future appears to be accelerating to a situation where everything is either free for the taking or controlled by the government. The situation may seem like it’s difficult now for internet radio, what if the government restricted access to music, books, or movies? That thought fits into the same category with unlimited ownership, copyright, and freedom. No this is not a plea to destroy copyrights. It’s an offering up of some rational process looking at a new world, where most of it does not play by the old rules.

Having hand written song titles, artists and air time for ASCAP/BMI reporting, I was there in the old days. Today, there are bogus Apple stores and as many knock off brand name items as you can stuff in a cargo container. The world has changed, and artists should be thinking about restructuring the process.

“Why rape the few when the many take it for free?”
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