Radio 66+ News Excerpts 12-20-10

The Bears and the Vikings play tonight in Minnesota. Weather forecasters predict snow all day in Minneapolis with a new 2-4 inches. And just time for the pros, freezing rain should appear the outdoor venue. Now that’s what I call professional football. The pretty boys can stay home, it’s time for the “dogs of war.”

Tonight the moon will have an major eclipse. The darkest day in over 400 years awaits us tomorrow. Should be a good day to hatch a new sci-fi zombie plot. As if we need another zombie movie. Some of the U.S., our area included, will have cloud cover preventing viewing of the historical eclipse.

Snow continues to plague northern Europe and the United Kingdom. Travel by all but sleigh will be difficult in parts of the UK, and Northern Germany. The northern US can also expect a White Christmas.

This past week end, many of the football matches were canceled across England. The Germans played on, and I did watch a bit of the Bayer Leverkusen vs Frieburg match from Germany on Saturday. The English matches were canceled more for the fans than the players. After all it about the money.

Four days until Christmas- Yes, today is December 20th, 2010. Eleven days remain in this year.

Oil is just under $90 a barrel. Here’s hoping one day soon people will wake up to natural gas for autos.

The U.S. stock market started the day in negative territory. Com’on Santa, bring us some good news.