Baseball for Slobs

Cricket– Baseball for Snobs

The American game of baseball has lost a lot of traction in the last few years. I for one, stop following baseball during their first strike. It was hard for me to imagine why a person could not live on $150k back in the 1970’s

Long before guys were knocking it out of the park, children were gathering in sheep grazing areas of southern England to hit balls of wool with sticks. No, I cannot construct an ancient relationship between cricket and baseball, but the concepts are similar. That’s about all the two sports have in common.

In baseball, it’s a night out with hot dogs, beer, and peanuts.

For the cricket fan there’s lunch and tea with biscuits.

It would be hard to imagine a bunch of rednecks sitting around, pinkies up, tea cups in hand, nibbling on a biscuit while George Brett rosined up his bat. If there was a commonality in the beginnings of baseball and cricket, it diverged long ago, with the average joe taking to baseball, while the upper crust of England felt a more gentile sport suited their liking.

If you are a typical American, I suggest you be in a mellow state before attempting to sit through a cricket match.


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