4G & Marconi

Marconi, The Wireless and You

The internet may soon be a wireless thing if Sprint and Verizon have their way. The appearance of 4G clouds the issue of internet dominance by cable and land line. But, is this really earth shattering? Hardly.

Guglielmo Marconi refined wireless telegraphy in the early 1900’s. His wireless transmitted greetings from the U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt to the United Kingdom’s King Edward the VII. That was the first transatlantic wireless from the U.S. The same Marconi station was the first to receive distress signals from the RMS Titanic.

From Marconi’s wireless, we have reached a stage whereby we can talk by wireless technology, not from a fixed location, but a mobile one, with the ability to contact people all over the United States. The modern world requires mobility. We demand it from our gadgets. While Marconi did not invent the wireless, he helped it evolve. In some small way, he provided the foundation for 4G, which will soon allow us to send not just voice but streaming media to those on the move.

Could Marconi have envisioned the use of wireless to transmit live pictures? Soon, you will have, in the palm of your hand, a device which will rival the technology of 1960’s Sci-Fi. While we may not be on the correct path in various aspects of our culture, technology remains an outstanding feature of living today, thanks in part to Marconi and his wireless.

(Guglielmo Marconi)