Twitter’s Value

Twitter Clocks in at $3.7 Billion

If the funky little bird is worth so much, why did it need a $200 million dollar cash infusion from investors? Or one might ask, why invest in a company which has yet to make a dime?

While I have been an off/on Twitter user, I find very little reason to believe it will ever be a google-eyed financial monster. Ads and any other intrusion into my tweeting will dampen my enthusiasm and most likely drive me away from the vehicle. And, I am probably not in the minority as Twitter has yet to venture into a full blown Wastebook financial prostitution of a great information tool.

Will you or won’t you tweet once it becomes littered with ads? Can you find it in your heart to wade through multiple screens to reach tweet nirvana?

One day the cute little purple icon may be just another commercial part of our lives or a member of the technology graveyard. Only time will tell.