More Spam– A lot

From BBC News Online–

Mexico has arrested a hit man. Big news, you say?

The suspect hauled in by the Army is 14 years old. Now that’s not only news, but a testimony to the sad state of the conditions in Mexico.


Russia Number One in Spam

One might think that refers to the hamy delight, but not – – it’s the digital type. And the number one global culprit was named as Oleg Nikolaenko. That’s easy for you to say. He allegedly sent out 10 million spam emails a day. No wait, that was 10 billion emails a day. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention. “You’ve Got Mail!”


Plugging the Leak

An arrest warrant has been sent to the United Kingdom for the notorious Wiki Leaker, Julian Assange. But it’s not for the numerous document leakings. No, Assange is wanted on sexual assault charges. Not one, but two. Would it not be ironic if Assange were imprisoned for sex crimes? Wondering if they have the same inmate practices in Sweden as they do in the States. By the time this is over, i’ll bet, he’d wish he’d just said, “no to leaking”.