Thanks, USDA for Asian Beetles

Asian Beetles and the US Dept. of Agriculture

As the saying goes “be careful what you ask for.” A few decades ago the USDA decided it would import Asian beetles Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) to the U.S. The purpose was to control pest such as aphids. It may have worked for farmers but it created a nightmare for those living in some rural areas.

Every year after the soybean harvest the pests, which look like lady bugs, swarm into the woods. After the first frost the bugs set out for warmer climes. Most particularly being inside one’s house. This year has been a bit milder, so far, but still they are dead bug carcases mostly in our sun room and a few throughout our house.

One might ignore the bugs and vacuum them, which is the only know cure. Yes, it is impossible to spray for them before they arrive. The best solution is to keep windows and doors shut tight. A few days inside the beetles die and can be “sucked up.” The down side to the bug invasion, other than the annoyance of them being on everything including one’s person is the stink, when killed.

Flicking one of the little creatures will cause them to emit a powerful stink. If they are allowed to accumulate the smell becomes very unpleasant. We’ve tried all the options, killing them, leaving them, ignoring them. Nothing works, they still invade, die and smell.

Just one more reason to abolish the USDA.