Radio 66+ The Format

Format Du Jour

Okay, that’s a fancy French word, but, maybe you need some culture. LOL.

Radio 66+ is rough around the edges but like anything interesting it’s not all bawdy, guy stuff. We have our moments.

The primary purpose of 66+ is fun. We do it because we enjoy it. My primary career was in radio. I worked many different formats in several markets. Radio is a gypsy world and I reached a point where my family was more important than fame and glory. Today, I do not expect fame, glory nor wealth but to enjoy what I love — radio.

The generation which precedes us, like most, has their time, their music, their history. We were born and lived through, in my opinion, what was the best time to be alive in the Free World. From living in a rural area with no running water, or electricity to sitting at the keyboard of quad processor, large screen computer set up doing internet radio going across the globe, my life has seen many dramatic twists and turns.

The music of our lives has been as varied as the experiences and cultures of our past. We’ve enjoyed everything from classical to hard rock. Radio 66+ is an expression of our past, the culture which makes Heather and I who we are. Here’s hoping you can find a bit of you in the music which spans over 6 decades.